Texas Ally Realty

Texas Ally Real Estate Group offers superior customer service and real estate knowledge as a brokerage than any other brokerage. We accomplish this by giving a superior value, benefits, and broker support to all of our agents. Texas Ally has two priorities; the real estate salesperson, and the homebuyer.

Texas Ally provides an environment for the professional real estate agent; those who have an intimate knowledge of the business.  We help them by lending our extensive network and knowledge, actually giving them the tools and resources they need to execute for their clients. Because of this special attention to our agents, our clients are also served with same special superior service.

We also have a particular specialization in owner finance properties and other forms of unconventional financing. The past few years are unprecedented in the real estate industry, though it should be noted that it somewhat resembles the 1980’s real estate market, in that we are currently in an environment where banks are fearful to lend to creditworthy homebuyers. Through our experience during that era, we have perfected ways to deliver financing to responsible homebuyers. So even during this era of unwillingness from the banks, we can help you purchase your home.

Tools and Information

The best way to make to maximize your profits and minimize your mistakes is through self education. The second best thing you can do is find a real estate professional you trust. Remember, real estate agents in the State of Texas have a fiduciary duty to look out for the best interests of their clients. It would be wise to find someone who takes that position seriously.

To better pick out a partner to help you purchase your next home, it helps know how real estate agents are incentivized so that you know if and/or when they are not doing what they are supposed to.

This section provides some useful information for various real estate situations.

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