Career Benefits

With a rapidly changing market, Texas Ally is demonstrating that innovation coupled with sound business scruples leads to vibrant opportunities for all. The march of technology in real estate has clearly evidenced that agents can be infinitely more effective for their clientele without giving away what they have earned. And what Texas Ally has done is develop a system that rewards just that. This maximization of value only translates to some of best customer service in the state.

Come and learn what is to be at 100% commission!

The current real estate industry climate has made it more important than ever to keep 100% of every hard earned commission. At Texas Ally, we place a priority in treating our agents right. 

Texas Ally was founded on the idea to offer a fair and balanced commission plan while still offering the best branding and agent support out there. 

We help you succeed by giving you the things that will actually grow your career and letting you keep more of what makes your business profitable: money!

100% Commission paid to you at closing

Lead referral program

Full Broker Support

Advice for REALTORS®

Board or No Board, you choose!

HUD Certified Broker

Office Supplies discounts


Website Development Assistance ad Marketing Training

zipForm, DocuSign, Digital Ink, & zipVault

To become a Texas Ally Real Estate agent today, contact Juston Martinez to jump start your real estate career and keep your commission!

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