Texas Ally Investments

Texas Ally Realty Investments is an existing successful business model involving the acquisition and sale of properties for investors. The current economic environment in the United States has produced record high foreclosures and created opportunities to acquire multitudes of properties to a point where significant return can be produced for even the everyday investor.

In addition, the status of the financial markets has put a chokehold on the amount of financing available to normal potential homebuyers. People with prime credit are unable to get financing to purchase a home which includes people with 640 fico score and long standing jobs. Because there is still a significant demand to buy a home and lack of financing there is a huge void that has not been fulfilled in the real estate market all over the United States. Texas Ally Investments is aiming to fill that void through creative financing.

Because of our familiarity with these unique transactions, Texas Ally Realty Investments is able to sell properties to deserving homebuyers and fulfill their desire to purchase their home, and in return, our investors will receive mortgage payments with interest for as long they wish to carry their note. Owner financing is only one of the investment tools uniquely offered to our investor network, among other low risk cashflow models. Consistent, recurring residual income should be the goal of every aspiring investor! We take pride in educating our clients in becoming wiser investors.