This is what AI thinks a typical home in Austin looks like

Publish Date: June 27, 2023

Written by j2jmart

- Originally published at Austin Culture Map -

Artificial intelligence and the housing market are two hot-button topics that have been the focus of online discussion in 2023. One home services provider has set out to determine what a “typical home” looks like in every state and in the nation’s 30 most populated cities using an AI generator, and the results are … interesting, to say the least.

For a typical Texas home, the AI chose a modest-looking house with a red brick exterior, a covered front porch with plenty of room for people-watching (very Southern), blue shutters, and a light blue door. And you can’t forget the classic American flag that pokes in from the side of the frame – hanging off from what, we don’t know.

A tall, old oak tree snakes above the perfectly mowed front yard, with a stone path leading from the street to the steps of the porch. Several trees decorate the side and back yards, providing the essential shade every Texan craves in the hot summer months.

AI generated home in TexasThis is what the AI generator thinks a home in Texas looks like.Photo courtesy of All Star Home

All Star Home, who wrote the report, additionally pulled the median home value for each state and city that was included to determine how much each home could cost. Zillow says the average Texas home is worth $302,333 as of May 2023, so that’s how much this Texas home could be worth.

The cities included in All Star Home’s report are Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso. Each idyllic home is unique, with only Dallas and Fort Worth sharing some German/European exterior features.

- Originally published at Austin Culture Map -

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