​​Real estate doesn’t need more software

Publish Date: October 16, 2023

Written by Jimmy Kelly

- Originally published at Inman News - Jimmy Kelly

It’s a weird thing for a software CEO to say that real estate doesn’t need more software.

But I know it’s true. So do agents and brokers.

While we all follow the latest lawsuits and wonder what they’ll mean, while we all shake our fists at the market and wonder when it will turn around, there exists an issue so big it affects us all every day — but no one wants to say anything about it.

Here goes:

Real estate has too much software

We conducted a study with T3 Sixty to find out exactly how many tools agents and brokers use per day.

We knew it’d be a lot.

After all, we’ve been here since 1989. We’ve seen the market shift again and again, the first listing hit the web, the crisis of 2008, trend after trend.

Through good times and bad, we’ve provided software to countless agents, brokers, franchises, MLSs, and associations.

In working closely with these professionals, we know their pains from too much software all too well:

  •   Disconnected processes, data, and experiences
  •   High cost of ownership
  •   Decreased efficiency
  •   Low technology adoption

 But we had no idea how high the number would be.

Agents and brokers use 20 different tools every day

Imagine trying to do anything and logging in 20 times. You’d walk away after the third “forgot your password?”

 How did we get here?

Over the years, real estate technology evolved to solve one problem at a time.

This brought us many individual products that are great at solving specific problems. However, because these products don’t work together, agents and brokers patch platforms together themselves.

This creates as many problems as it solves and pushes the industry further away from the meaningful improvement it needs: a complete and connected digital experience.

Real estate doesn’t need more software. It needs better software

Real estate needs software that’s better together, better for the unique needs of agents and brokers and better for consumers and their rapidly changing expectations.  

So why haven’t we been able to get it?

Consider a product and its core components:

  • First, you have the login.
  • Then, you’ve got the user interface (UI) which seeks to make the user experience (UX) as intuitive as possible. This is incredibly difficult, given the complexity of any real estate task.
  • Last, you have critical services for applications (from notifications to navigation), data (from properties to commissions), and security (from identity to user permissions).

 Each of these components must connect to form a whole solution that works the way the user needs it to.

And that’s just for one process. Now, consider that a whole solution would need to connect each of these components for every process involved in real estate, from listing to lead to signature to commission. Though comprised of many solutions itself, it would need to have one login, one workflow, and one dataset, and would need to work as well for brokers as it does agents and clients. That’s why a complete solution has been so difficult to develop.

But it’s not impossible. 

It’s already here.

The platform for all real estate.

Since 2019, we’ve diligently worked to deliver a platform for real estate that does it all.

 A platform that connects the entire real estate experience, so agents and brokers can work from start to finish without fail.

A platform that integrates with other solutions, so agents and brokers can run their businesses their way.

A platform with a modern framework that provides optimal performance, scalability, and security.

A platform that helps real estate do more be more, and get more — without having to have more.

It’s more than a platform. It’s a foundation.

With decades of evolution and meticulous user research behind it, Lone Wolf Technologies is here to introduce the future of real estate technology. Lone Wolf is bringing together all the pieces and processes of the real estate experience into a one-of-a-kind hub built on a modern framework that gives real estate professionals the security, scalability, availability, and performance they need to deliver the same to their clients. Whether you’ve been at it for years, whether you’re starting out or whether you’re building the next empire — Lone Wolf is here for you from start to finish.

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