On-call marketing? It’s the new normal at Coldwell Banker Realty

Publish Date: October 23, 2023

Written by Lindsay Listanski

- Originally published at Inman News - Lindsay Listanski

Time, the most precious commodity in a real estate agent’s arsenal, has just received a major upgrade for agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty.

Imagine this, you’re at home after a busy week of back-to-back showings, and you have some downtime to sit and think about your marketing plan, but you have questions. Since it’s a Sunday afternoon, there’s nobody to consult, or so you thought. We understand the value of an agent’s time, and we’ve taken a giant leap forward with our latest innovation — Next Available Appointment.

This tool, accessible to all Coldwell Banker Realty affiliated agents across the nation, allows them to efficiently access support when and where they need it (even on a Sunday!), breaking free from the restraints of traditional localized marketing assistance. With a 98 percent resolution rate, this technology ensures agents can focus more on what matters — driving their business forward.

Marketing on Demand: Next Available Appointment

Next Available Appointment is the latest addition to the existing Coldwell Banker suite of marketing and technology products catering to the modern-day agent. This homegrown technology platform allows agents to schedule virtual appointments with a vast network of over 100 marketing experts, ensuring reliable and timely assistance as soon as two hours of the same day. Within this platform, agents have the flexibility to select from a curated lineup of marketing topics for brief, 20-minute meetings, significantly amplifying their workday’s efficiency and overall productivity.

Analogous to a Teladoc model, Next Available now gives nearly instant access to affiliated agents while still offering “in-office” support that they are accustomed to, just as a patient would have with their physician.

The Coldwell Banker brand emphasizes talent over geography, focusing more on when an agent needs support than where the agent is. We recognize that the need, as well as desire, to be in the office, has changed, and this allows our strategy to support both needs. Reinforcing this notion, Next Available Appointment gives agents easy access to a marketing support team from anywhere in the country at the palm of their hands, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. A substantial number of agent inquiries are centered on optimizing their online presence, encompassing assistance with branding, social media, and related aspects.

Empowering Agents Everywhere and Earning Their Stamp of Approval

Since its nationwide launch in June, the platform has facilitated over 7,000+ appointments, earning praise from affiliated agents for its efficiency and user-friendly interface. Notably, Florida stands out as a frontrunner in utilizing this technology, accounting for 10 percent of its total usage to date. Affiliated agents continue praising the platform’s flexibility, emphasizing its ease of use and valuable educational components. It effectively addresses affiliated agent inquiries and serves as an educational tool, enabling affiliated agents to absorb new information and continuously enhance their professional development. Recognizing its remarkable success, the platform has recently introduced Sunday availability, further optimizing convenience and catering to agents’ diverse schedules, making sure that while they’re serving their customers, we’re serving them in return.

This platform, pivotal in enhancing agent retention at Coldwell Banker, has garnered high praise: 

  •   “This is an invaluable resource and service! Having one-on-one training allowed me to complete my understanding of something that I will likely utilize in my business, time and time again.” – Maria Fitzgerald, Coldwell Banker Realty, Pleasantville, N.Y.
  •   “[My] appointment was quickly scheduled for the same day! It took away the anxiety, and I was able to complete my project without delaying another day. Thank you!” – Kathy Suhoza, Coldwell Banker Realty, Newtown, Conn.
  •   “Love love love the ability to have help after hours and on the weekends. As a part-time Realtor, this is epic!” – Liliana Benitez Sims, Coldwell Banker, Tampa, Fla.

In alignment with broader goals for agents and clients, Next Available Appointment stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to empowering its affiliated agents and enhancing client experiences. This approach bridges geographical gaps, nurtures agent satisfaction and cultivates a stronger connection between the company, its affiliated agents and the clients they serve.

After all, our outlook has always been to build technology with our agents, not just for them. Join us at ColdwellBanker.com.

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