Marketing content now AI-backed in Chime’s latest update

Publish Date: July 31, 2023

Written by Craig C. Rowe

- Originally published at Inman News - Craig C. Rowe

Real estate software company Chime has updated with a ChatGPT plugin to power its users’ marketing content generation, according to the company.

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Software company Chime has merged into the commuter lane of artificial intelligence, joining a handful of fellow proptechs in the integration of ChatGPT to help agents write marketing content, according to a July 31 announcement shared with Inman.

Chime offers marketing, CRM and a host of other web and mobile solutions for real estate agents, teams and brokerages. The company will use OpenAI’s flagship product to help its customers generate marketing and outreach content.

Chime’s Chief Technology Officer Henry Li said in the announcement that most companies are “not equipped to deliver the functionality agents need to be successful,” when it comes to leveraging the oft-integrated AI tool.

“Our platform has been powered by AI for years, giving our training team the benefit of thousands of real conversations to coach the AI and improve outcomes,” Li said. “We are uniquely positioned to naturally integrate ChatGPT features and continue to enhance our platform with practical applications to support agents’ evolving needs.”

Chime’s integration will help automate the creation of blogs, email campaigns and social media descriptions for stand-alone, one-time delivery or as part of ongoing campaigns to large contact lists. It can also inspire blog posts and social media content by offering initial framework for personal editing.

Further benefiting users is an included list of effective prompt templates to ensure the AI returns the most effective written results. Custom, more personalized commands can also be fed to the system to unearth original content ideas.

The company’s most recent large update was August 2022’s Social Studio, a full-featured social media marketing module with a number of automations to improve the pace and efficacy of lead generation, nurturing and brand building. The ChatGP bolt-on should enhance Social Studio’s user experience. Before that, in June the company announced Active Recruiter to help brokers better manage finding new producers.

A Chime user and Real Brokerage Managing Broker Tommy Mutchler said in the announcement that the integration will “change the future of real estate marketing.”

“Agents will now be empowered to automate their business in ways they’ve never dreamed of,” Mutchler said.

Real Brokerage offers Chime as a company-wide CRM option.

Chime’s claim to be uniquely situated to leverage AI demands context, however. Namely, many companies in the space are equally qualified to deliver its benefits. Chime’s claim is unique in only how it relates to its existing suite of features, which are plentiful and proven.

Mutchler’s own Real Brokerage is already using AI in its agent operating system. Built completely in-house, Leo leverages GPT (not OpenAI’s product) to improve how its agents interact with its software, assisting in generating marketing action plans, finding deal support and quickly surfacing information about their cap status, when their license expires, the size of their network or a pending revenue forecast.

Mosaik, an emerging, robust homebuyer experience solution, deftly maneuvers computer vision AI to detect buyer preference behaviors as they browse to enrich and shorten the buying process, among other collaborative, consumer-centric uses.

Localize, Restb.ai and ListAssist are other prominent AI-driven proptechs, with Restb.ai offering its image technology here and abroad to search portals and multiple listing services since 2017. Constant Contact, a popular email option for real estate, uses ChatGPT to automate marketing efforts; and Nila June, an AI text writer, has also been doing so for several years.

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