Former Corcoran agent goes on racist rant after drunken encounter

Publish Date: December 04, 2023

Written by Lillian Dickerson

- Originally published at Inman News - Lillian Dickerson

The video of the New York City-based agent surfaced on Instagram over the weekend, showing him spouting racist terms and bragging about tearing out a Black man’s dreadlocks.

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A New York City-based real estate agent and creative director who was once affiliated with The Corcoran Group surfaced in a grisly Instagram video over the weekend in which he spouted out racist terms and bragged about tearing out a Black man’s dreadlocks.

Joseph “Joey” Sanchez, whose LinkedIn profile states he is currently a licensed real estate agent with SPiRALNY and creative director at a self-created company, JS Atelier LLC, repeatedly said the n-word in two separate videos that were ultimately joined into one video on Instagram over the weekend.

Marcel Bellucci, principal broker at SPiRALNY, told Inman that Sanchez had only been affiliated with the firm for about four weeks in 2022, and that he had contacted LinkedIn about removing the affiliation from his profile, but without success.

In the first video, created by Instagram user @kiykiyblac, Sanchez is shown inebriated on the streets of New York City, yelling at an unseen person recording the video, “You were the slave, not me! I’m white!”

“Yeah, you’re white, you think about that,” the person recording the encounter said.

“You’ve got to live with that s***,” Sanchez continued, as a third voice in the background can be heard asking, “What are you talking about?”

The person recording then told Sanchez to “Wash your motherf*** mouth,” after which, Sanchez identified himself in the video and then called the person recording the video the n-word.

The video cuts after the person recording threatens to slap Sanchez “again.”

In a subsequent video that Sanchez posted himself the next day, he appears to have an extremely swollen black eye, which he claims to have been caused by a Black “prostitute” punching him in the face after the two seemingly were competing for another man’s attentions.

“This dude starting pushing me,” Sanchez said in the video. “And obviously, he had been talking to the same gentleman. I got attacked, and I got into a fight with the prostitute. The prostitute did this to me,” he added, pointing to his swollen eye.

“But guess what? He’s bald now,” Sanchez continued. “I ripped out all of his dreadlocks. I thought it was a wig, but those were his real dreadlocks.

Taking the admission further, Sanchez openly acknowledged that he had used a racist term against the person he had tousled with.

“And I’m sorry, but I had to use the n-word,” he said. “Oopsie.”

“If you are one, you are one — especially if you act like one,” he added. “This Black prostitute jumped on me, and I ended up using the n-word.”

At the end of the video, a screenshot showed Sanchez’s old profile on Corcoran’s website, which no longer appears online.

On Monday, Corcoran Group responded on social media with a post that said, “Corcoran stands united in rejecting racism in all forms. This former independent sales agent has not been associated with us for quite some time and his obscene behavior over the weekend goes against the values we have held dear for more than 50 years.”

In a similar statement emailed to Inman, the brokerage clarified that Sanchez had only been affiliated with the firm for “a few short months.”

Instagram user @thatdaneshguy, who compiled the separate videos from @kiykiyblac and Sanchez into one, said in his Instagram post that the victim claimed he hadn’t even seen Sanchez in the bar and that Sanchez started calling him slurs “unprovoked.” He added that the victim had said, “That was my first encounter with him.”

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