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Industy Records Will Be Set This Year!

With a rapidly changing market, it is more important than ever to be in a  position to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead. Texas Ally is demonstrating that innovation coupled with sound business scruples leads to vibrant opportunities for all. The march of technology in real estate has clearly demonstrated that agents can be infinitely more effective for their clientele without giving away what they have earned. And what Texas Ally has done is develop a system that rewards just that.

Professionalism and More Commissions

Texas Ally allows you to keep a professional brand presence all while keeping nearly all of your commissions. Offering the latest technology, the best vendor relationship discounts, leads, and assistance in developing an effective online presence.  Texas Ally has two plans: Platinum, and Platinum PLUS.  To view a calculator Click Here.


  • $89 per Month
  • $299 per Transaction
  • $60 per Lease

Platinum Plus

  • $299 per  month
  • $39 per Transaction
  • $30 per Lease

What are you waiting for?

To join texas ally Click Here. Or for more info, contact Juston Martinez to answer any questions you may have.

Juston Martinez

Business Develeopment


[email protected]