Beyond Threads: Other new social media apps to try

Publish Date: July 14, 2023

Written by Jessi Healey

- Originally published at Inman News - Jessi Healey

Social media moves quickly, both the trends and the technology itself. Jessi Healey shares some new, exciting social media platforms for real agents to explore.

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Social media moves quickly, both the trends and the technology itself. It’s hard to keep up with, even when you’re spending time on it daily. 

The rise of Threads has been a stark reminder of this for both amateurs and professionals alike. You may be asking yourself, are there other platforms I’m missing? 

That answer is always yes. But that’s not something to worry about either. 

Usually, a new social media platform is met with a ton of skepticism for good reason; most of them fade from the public eye if they even make it to the mainstream, some quicker than others. 

So what’s worth your time and effort, and what isn’t? 

Real estate professionals only have so many hours in the day; hopefully, most aren’t spent on social media. 

Every brand should prioritize which platforms they use. Even for the most prominent brands, using certain platforms doesn’t always make sense. 

How do you know which platform to choose? Always start with your audience. What platforms are they using and spending the most time on? Then consider your resources; which platforms are you comfortable with, or which ones can you hire help for? How those considerations intersect is your answer of where to show up on social media.  

For example, if you love Instagram and spend time using the platform for yourself, and your target audience is using that platform and perhaps Facebook, then Instagram should be the platform you prioritize. And it’s OK if you only focus on one platform. Managing your social media presence well on one platform is more important than poorly managing many platforms so that you have a presence on all of them. 

Plus, authenticity is more important than metrics most of the time. Where you show up authentically will naturally be where you find more success. No one needs to be a social media ninja to succeed in marketing there; just show up and be yourself. It’s both that easy and that hard. 

New platforms to consider 

However, there are advantages to being an early adopter of a new social media platform. For one, you can pay less attention to the algorithm because it doesn’t matter in the early days and months as the app grows. The feeds of new platforms aren’t over-saturated yet, like Facebook and Instagram, since there aren’t as many users filling them up with content. That means that the posts you do make will have far greater reach and spread. 

Overall that reach and spread will be smaller than a larger platform due to there being fewer users to reach, to begin with, so it’s important to keep perspective. However, that kind of exposure often leads to a more intimate feel with the other early adopters of the platform, so relationships and connections are more easily forged. 

Sometimes you’ll be the only one, or at least one of the few, from your industry there. This is often the kind of exposure you can only hope to pay for with a good ad campaign on larger platforms. 

If you like spending time on social media and are eager to explore new platforms, or if you still haven’t found a platform you love and are looking for “the one,” here are some below-the-radar and up-and-coming platforms to consider that aren’t Threads. Grab your phone and open the app store to check them out.


Lemon8 has something in common with Threads that will make it more likely to succeed: An already successful parent company. Threads comes to us from Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, while Lemon8 comes to us from ByteDance, which also owns TikTok

Lemon8 is like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, and prior to Threads popping up, it was one of the fastest-growing new social media platforms available. 


Spill is the most recent Twitter alternative before Threads, having launched just a few weeks prior. It is a Black-owned platform that focuses on culture and creating safety for diverse communities. For now, the beta version is currently live, while the app is invite-only. It was founded by former Twitter employees Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and Devaris Brown.


BlueSky is another Twitter alternative that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has created. While it is also still in beta form and invite-only, it has sparked much interest, and invites have even been found for sale online. What sets this platform apart from Twitter is the transparency involved. It uses an open-source framework built in-house, which directly addresses many of the criticisms of Twitter.  


Another Twitter alternative that has been gaining steam, this one looks a lot like Twitter and is considered a microblogging platform. However, it is very complex and can do much more than most social media platforms. It has been called a cross between Twitter and Tumblr and has the ability to allow users to create their own servers like Discord. This platform is not for a social media beginner but may delight those who enjoy crafting unique spaces online. 

Have fun, but don’t get overwhelmed

It’s easy to observe how most new social media platforms are trying to replicate Twitter in the wake of the platform’s ongoing drama. While it’s likely Threads will come out on top, as it’s already the fastest-growing social media platform ever, there will still be room for other platforms to gain popularity. As news feeds become too noisy for users and over-saturated with ads, some will look to alternative platforms to enjoy and connect with peers. If it feels right for your brand, there could be opportunities on these new platforms to connect with those audiences. 

Exploring a new social media platform should be fun, and no brand should feel pressured to stick around on a platform if it isn’t fun and engaging. With so many online social media options, stick to what you enjoy and what brings you the best results. It isn’t one-size-fits-all; your social media marketing should be as unique as you are. 

Jessi Healey is a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in real estate. Find her on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Threads.

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