I'm Lauren Bansemer

One of the things that attracted me to a career in real estate was a high ethical requirement.

I have been focused on representing buyers since 2015 and I truly love this part of the job. It is crucial to me that buyers are properly protected and guided throughout the home-buying process. Nothing satisfies me more than fighting for my clients and seeing them get what they want out of a real estate transaction.

The purchase of a home is a big deal and you should have someone fighting for you to reach your goals of homeownership.

My personal goals in this business are long-term. We share the same goal of getting you what you want on each transaction. My client’s needs always take precedence, as I am here to serve and help you make good decisions that benefit you. I believe that real estate is one of the best investments a person can make and Austin also has the benefits of being a truly wonderful city to live and work in.

Over the few years I have been helping people buy homes, I discovered a great need for long-distance or ‘remote’ purchasing. Not every buyer can be physically present for home shopping. Luckily, we live in a technological age where this is not necessary. Many clients have put their trust in me from start to finish without ever stepping foot in Austin. While it is ideal to be able to personally see the home you are buying, it is definitely possible to do so without leaving the comfort of your couch. If this sounds like something you want to explore, feel free to reach out and I will explain this simple process.

My intimate knowledge of buyer representation also makes me an ideal listing agent, because I know how buyers think and, generally, what they want out of a transaction and how their emotional ebb and flow can sway a deal. Understanding what both sides want is the key to successful negotiations, and a successful negotiation means both sides getting closer to what they want.

I currently hold certifications in CNHS (certified new home specialist), RCC (residential construction certified), and VLB (veteran land board). Many agents only work resale properties, but I can navigate through the building process and open up a new world of possibilities to you in new construction.

I always strive for transparency, so if you have further questions on how I do business and how I can help YOU reach your goals, do not hesitate to contact me and ask! I look forward to working with you.

Your friend in real estate,



<p>“We were moving 2,000 miles to a new city, and Lauren’s assistance made the search for a place to rent an absolute dream. Lauren helped us find the perfect place for us in Austin within our first six house visits. We had specifics we were looking for and she always took them into account and made sure to discuss realistic expectations.</p> <p>If properties were available but had negative aspects, she made sure to steer us away from those and towards housing that better fit us. Any questions she had, she either answered swiftly, clearly and concisely, or she was able to reach out to someone who knew the answer. I 100% recommend working with Lauren for all of your real estate needs.”</p>

<p>“Lauren was amazing to work with! We were buying a house out-of-state, from NY to the Round Rock, TX area…and could not have felt more taken care of throughout the entire process. I am so glad we found her name.</p> <p>She knows a lot about the feel of every area and was very helpful by providing to us her knowledge of the city and its surrounding areas to us. She even took the time to provide driving tours of the neighborhoods of the houses we were looking at.</p> <p>Lauren was very well-versed in the purchase process and available options every step of the way. If something came up, she would provide me documents to sign over e-mail, and it was taken care of within a few minutes. Even third-party people involved in the process that interacted with Lauren told me how great it is to work with her.</p> <p>She typically responded to texts and emails within an hour, usually within minutes…and let me know when I could expect her not to. I never felt like I was out of the loop, and never wondered what was going on.</p> <p>Buying a house from another state can be a stressful experience, but Lauren made it all too easy and fun. We loved her tour videos, patience, attitude and willingness to provide us the easiest process possible. After closing, since we were not moving for another month or longer, she even took the time to visit the house one last time to make sure everything was turned off and locked up.<br /> We had a great experience, and our only regret is that we can’t buy another house!”</p> <p>“As first-time homebuyers, we had a dream of living in Austin, but were were completely clueless about the process. After a little research, Lauren Bansemer specifically was highly recommended to us by an online community.</p> <p>She is a super friendly, easygoing person. We immediately felt very comfortable with her and felt free to ask many questions. She made the whole process enjoyable and simple for us to understand.</p> <p>We visited Austin one weekend and gave Lauren very short notice of our arrival. She was incredibly nice about it and worked very hard, spending the entire weekend scheduling showings and looking at houses with us. She has a strong work ethic and is very service-oriented. She is also highly capable and knowledgeable about realty and the city of Austin.</p> <p>She is a very honest person and really looked out for us. She asked us questions about our personal preferences and actively advised us against a couple of houses we liked because of the problems they had.</p> <p>We had a really great experience. Lauren did an incredible job helping us find the home of our dreams within our price range! We are thrilled and couldn’t have asked for anything more :)”</p>

<p>“Lauren was very responsive and always available to communicate about my wildest real estate whims. She was able to take my preferences and provide accurate lists of properties that fit my criteria and made time to show me properties according to my schedule. I found her highly professional and skilled, particularly when it came to closing time on my dream home – she was knowledgeable in all aspects of contracts and financing and helped the process move as smoothly as possible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LAUREN!”</p> <p>“If you’re looking for a very knowledgable, incredibly friendly, and super personable realtor in Austin, then find Lauren Bansemer. She helped my girlfriend and I find a beautiful place in South Austin that really fit our character and all of our needs. She showed us a number of different places within our budget (no easy task, haha), and found some really great places for us to choose from. Since we were moving from out of town, she also went out of her way to cater to our schedule when we came in on a Saturday and Sunday, which really impressed me since I know I love my Saturdays off. She also answered all of our emails, texts, and calls promptly and professionally. I can’t recommend Lauren enough if you’re looking for a realtor in Austin for your next move.”</p> <p>“Lauren was is simply amazing and working with her has been by far my best experience with a realtor! My girlfriend and I were moving from out of state to Austin and were only slightly familiar with the neighborhoods in the city. Lauren was great to work with, fast response to any texts or emails, and a lot of knowledge about all the areas she showed us. She really listened to exactly what we were looking for and helped us find our dream Austin home!”</p>