Isaac Gonzalez

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I’ve been an agent for approximately 3 years. Started doing contracting work in my teen years, and have used my experience to build up my rental portfolio. I have started to purchase investment properties to remodel and resale.

I’ve worked with wonderful clients these past 3 years and have assisted them in purchasing their dream homes and also sell their real estate. It is my duty as a Realtor plus I enjoy using my expertise so my clients can get the best deal out there whether it is buying, selling, investing, remodeling, etc.

My goal in life is to keep on working hard, meeting like-minded people to build great working relationships with, and of course, have that financial freedom entrepreneurs eventually reach.


"Isaac has helped me and my husband purchase several investment properties to add to our real estate portfolio."

Elvira Gutierrez

"Isaac helped me sell my 10 acre Tract in order to pay off some debt and have some capital in the bank."

Mrs. Nivia Brown

"Isaac assisted in helping me buy my first home and my experience was great. Isaac went above and beyond to get everything done in time."