I'm Apola Ahmed




English, Bengali, Hindi & Urdu

Representing Texas homeowners and future homeowners, Apola is committing to listening to her clients’ needs and utilizing her negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction. She joined the real estate profession as her youngest son approached his college years.

Apola is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Her experience in accounting, banking, and auditing will be assets to buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants. Clients, friends, and colleagues appreciate her work ethic, knowledge, and easygoing style.

Apola enjoys cooking, spending time with family, friends, and towards community activities.






“We fell in love with this house as soon as we saw it. Yes, it’s not perfect and it’ll need a few touches of our own. But we’re so glad that we found our dream home! Our special Valentines day gift to each other this year!
Thanks to Apola Aporajita Ahmed for her time, patience, and continuous support. We couldn’t have done it without her. She made herself available for us even at 8/9 pm when we asked for help. She didn’t treat us as clients, she treated us like family. Most importantly, we moved to TX not knowing a single person. I’m glad that my husband made that post in the Facebook group and Apola responded. We met so many amazing people in Austin through her. Thanks for helping us call TX our home. Grateful that people like her exist in this World.”

Nahida Rahman

“I have been living here in USA for more than 17 years and married for more than 14 years. Came to this country in empty hand with lot of family responsibilities. Both of us work day and night, but still couldn’t manage to buy a home.
At the beginning it was a dream, but then financial pressure faded out the dream. My health condition (cancer) made me nervous. Survival became impossible. House was not in my fate.
The Almighty blessed me with Apola Ahmed. She became like my big sister. We tried to buy a home recently, but our credit score and financial condition made it impossible. Some lenders and builders declined it.
Apola worked with us for more than 6 months to build our credit score, helped us to manage money, opening bank account, and found a builder and lender who finally accepted it and gave our faded out dream a reality. She said, I will not stop until you get a home. She even handled the loan process from start to finish, because I am a super low tech person, and my husband works at night and sleeps during the day.
My kids are so happy. My husband is excited. I am dancing in the sky today.

Asma Khandaker