I'm Zane Ptolemy





Born in the cold white tundra of Saskatchewan, Canada, Zane was sold at the age of 12 to his uncle as cheap labor, working for $3 an hour towards payment of a snowboard gifted to him at Christmas with borrowed money. Zane took similar opportunities as full time jobs for over a decade; for Zane, life was about working harder, not smarter.

Then one fateful day Zane broke his knee playing hockey. Somehow the accident forced Zane’s brain to turn on for the very first time and the rest is history.

Honesty and integrity, along with determination and hard work, are philosophies that Zane strives for in all aspects of his life. Applying these principles to his business, has allowed him to become a successful real estate agent and roofing consultant. Zane’s experience owning a software company and managing both oilfield and construction companies have allowed him to conduct his real estate business with a high level of experience leadership and professionalism.






Mr. Zane Ptolemy is highly recommended by my husband and me for several crucial reasons that I feel are essential in looking for and purchasing a home:
– Zane P. took the time and made every effort (successfully) to understand what we wanted in our search for a home.
– Zane P. is extremely professional, patient, flexible and able to understand and verbalize the type of town, neighborhood and home we were interested in.
To conclude, my husband and I are extremely appreciative that Zane P.’s abilities in tandem with his personality found us exactly what we were looking for in Texas. His knowledge and talents in doing this are particularly remarkable and certainly appreciated because we have lived our lives in New York State and we look forward to the home Zane P. found for us in Texas

Susan M.

I’d never purchased a home before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how Zane made the process very fun and stress-free. Zane went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step of the process.

What’s also really cool is that Zane is also a professional roofer. There were some houses we looked at and he was able to spot roof issues and other “gotchas” that probably wouldn’t have been pointed out until the inspection.

Zane was very responsive to all my questions, even past normal hours.
I would 100% recommend Zane to anyone looking to buy a home, whether you’ve done it before or you’re a first-time buyer.

Daniel A.

We were searching for a new home moving from New York and it was our great fortune to meet up with Zane Ptolemy. We spent several months working with Zane remotely. He found us a truly wonderful home, spent an extraordinary amount of time researching the new area for us . If you are in search of an honest agent who is pleasant and available with his time to make your dreams come true, you will be happy to be working with Zane. He successfully resolved our concerns buying a house remotely and has gone above and beyond every step of the way for us.
Thank you Zane

Jack M.