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I was a landlord for several years before studying for and taking the Real Estate exam. The knowledge of and estimating the cost what it takes to get a house ready to live in are a couple of the benefits the landlord / fixer upper remodel experience gives me as a REALTOR. I like the opportunity I get to help people as a landlord and bring that to help people in to being a REALTOR. Helping people through the process of selling and / or buying a house is very satisfying. Helping a new or seasoned investor in knowing what to offer on a fixer upper and the estimated cost to complete the project along with what the estimated rent for the area would be is great. I enjoy doing my part in helping grow the landlord community.


Scott was wonderful to work with! He knew the area very well and was able to give us plenty of options to choose from. He was a font of advice, with us being first-time homebuyers, and he was able to successfully negotiate with the sellers for us. I look forward to working with Scott again in the future when it's time to upgrade to a larger house!