100% Commission
On Your Houston Real
Estate Transactions

Fed interest rates are on the rise. Inflation is at its highest in generations.
The Market is changing rapidly.
Are you ready?

Let’s be honest.

The quickest and easiest way for you to make more money this year is by increasing your commission split. And with a rapidly changing market, we have been demonstrating that smart tech coupled with honest business practices leads to vibrant opportunities for all.
The march of technology in real estate has clearly demonstrated that agents can be infinitely more effective for their clientele without giving away what they have earned. And what Texas Ally has done is develop a system that rewards just that.

100% Commission

No NonSense

Full Texas Broker Tech Without the Price

Increased Margins

Increased Margins mean you can dedicate more to your own marketing, which will help you drive your business even more, saving your time​

Dynamic Web Tools

Our company has a host of powerful tools and applications that will enhance your productivity, keep you connected and moving ahead. ​


We have several vendor programs where you could save on the things you need as a Texas agent.

Lead Referral Program

We have LEADS! We have several lead programs available for real estate agents who want to receive leads. So if you are trying to turn leads into clients you’re in the right place. Our CRM gives you all the options and resources necessary to manage a lead efficiently.​

Get Paid Immediately

Keep your small flat fee and get your check the day you close, or have it wired right into your bank account. Have no delay on your payday

All Texas Markets

Our 100% Commission plan is available in ALL major markets in Texas. You will have the opportunity to obtain MLS access to all of those areas. Look us up on the Texas Real Estate Commission, we are EVERYWHERE​

Discount Purchasing Programs

We have several vendor programs where you could save on the things you need as a Texas broker​.


Try to call the broker or any of the real estate brokers claiming to offer support. Who answers? Do they list their number? Our Managing Broker is Juston. His number is 512.586.6920. Call him. We put our money where our mouth is

What Our Agents Say​

Claire O'Neal

“I am so happy to have settled with Texas Ally! I’ve worked at a small boutique brokerage and large companies where it’s easy to get lost. Texas Ally has been a fantastic match for me because of their great commission split and brokerage support. I love that I can run my business my way and still have easy access to my broker when I need a little extra help!”

Mary Fitzpatrick

“Juston, thank you so much for helping me enjoy a successful 2016 as a Realtor.I have been licensed for many years and still, as you know, have had to reach out frequently to you for professional guidance. You and your responsive staff make it easy and profitable for me to be a Texas Realtor. I am so glad I switched to your brokerage. Best regards”

Will Rodenbusch

“Texas Ally is a great solution for me because it allows me to offer 2% back commission to clients. It also allows me to manage my personal assets without the overhead of a traditional brokerage. Thank you!”

Silvia Arjona

“Amazing real estate group of people to work with. They are very responsive to the clients’ needs and very effective in getting results done.”

John Woo

“One of the best brokerage in town! Quick turnaround, responsive, willingness to work, much more to offer than others.”

Ernesto Tresgonzalez

“Love working at TA, Juston is very helpful and responsive. Also since getting 100% of my commission, I can focus more on my clients because getting more money takes care of me.”

Lauren Bansemer

“I was previously with a big name broker and made the switch to Texas Ally in early 2019. I’m so glad I did! Juston was the only broker who actually cared enough to follow up on my inquiry, and he’s been available and prompt when needed. I think that says a lot. He and the office staff are also just really nice people who seem to care more about building a good business together. They all work hard and are prompt with everything. I really love working with Texas Ally, and being able to achieve my financial goals with them has resulted in a lot of positive changes in my life. “


We are looking for ambitious individuals who want to put their real estate career into the fast track. If you would like to discuss how much our sponsorship program can benefit you, contact us to jump start your real estate career and keep 100% commission.